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Soka Art was founded in 1992 in Tainan, Taiwan. It manages comprehensively from Chinese art to Asian contemporary art. 

In 2001, Soka Art Beijing was established. Director Hsiao Fuyuan became the very first Mainland gallery owner from Taiwan which accounts for the initiation of Taiwan gallery enterprise in China. In the following nineteen years, Hsiao led Soka to integrate tremendous research, analysis and many collection of work by the first generation Mainland Chinese artists such as Li Tiefu, Lin Fengmian, Yan Wenliang, Xu Beihong. He also engaged in discovering and promoting young artists with great talents.

In 2003, Soka pioneered in contemporary art field to promote the emerging generation of outstanding Chinese artists. Soka Contemporary Space Beijing succeeded in its debut in 2005 internationally through its close coordination with curators world wide and outstanding Chinese contemporary artists. In 2007, Soka Art Taipei was established. It is dedicated to promote Asian contemporary art.In 2010,Soka Art Beijing moved to the 798 Art District, the space has thousand square meters of Bauhaus classic building. Through out the nineteen years of development, Soka Art has been recognized as the one of the beacon art galleries in Asia for Chinese modern and contemporary art.